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How Your Local Restaurant Guide Works

We have created an all-encompassing local online directory that is completely focused on restaurants in your area! Your Local Restaurant Guide is an easy to use, fully searchable, one-stop site that is packed full of local restaurant information.

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Search our database of restaurants by name, category or location. We have tried to develop a long list of restaurant features that will help you find exactly what you are looking for. Make sure you check in frequently because we are always pulling new locations, fresh from the oven!


Control the Whole Process

We have created this site to appeal to the masses. There are four different ways to search our database of restaurants from the home page. People search through information in different ways so we tried to include several paths to get there. Some people like exploring from the trails, while others prefer the sidewalk!


No Data Collection

We don’t collect your information to search our delicious database of goodness. We may release other features in the future that may require users to create an account but that won’t be necessary to use basic features.


Using Your Local Restaurant Guide

We hope you find this site easy to use and helpful with whatever food type you crave. Although we think this site is pretty amazing, there is a tiny chance that we may have overlooked something. If you note something that we are missing, please reach out and let us know. If you have any other questions or suggestions regarding the usability of this site, we encourage you to call or email us with your thoughts!

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